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  • Tony Escada

Movies and Documentaries with Native Americans.

Published : 05/17/2021 23:07:46
Categories : Movies and books through the life and history of the Native Americans.



In the state of Montana the Dutton family owns the largest ranch in the United States near Yellowstone national park. Led by patriarch John, the family fights against politicians and real estate developers.


Indian Horse

Saul "indian horse" is raised by his grandmother.When she dies he's forced into a boarding school for natives who are forbidden to speak the ojibwe language.Saul witnesses the abuse of children.He became passionned for the ice hockey he watches on tv,he learns game technic very fast and becomes the star of the moose team entirely composed by natives.He's even enlisted in the team of the Toronto monarchs and have to face racism.



In 1892,cavalry captain Joseph Blocker was forced to escort Yellow Hawk the dying cheyenne warlord,to his tribal land.On the road they met Rosalee Quaid the only survivor of the comanche family slaughter.Dangerous path that will lead them from new mexico to montana.The former ennemies will have to show solidarity to survive the environnment and tribal comanches they will meet.


The Revenant

In a deeply savage America,Hugh Glass,a trapper,is attacked by a bear and seriously injured.He's left for dead.But Glass refuses to die.Alone,armed with his will,and worn by his love for his wife and son,glass undertake a journey of 300 km in a hostile environment on the trail of the man who betrayed him.


Songs my brothers taught me

Johnny just finished his study.With his girlfriend he'd liked to quit the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota to find a job.But the sudden death of his father change his plans.


The seventh fire

Documentary into the Ojibwe reservation in Minnesota.Beautiful landscape but the gang culture,violence,drugs and murders is coming closer day to day.The film follows two young men in constant emergency.


The road to Paloma

Road trip of two bikers riding through the american west.The Native american Wolf is chased by the FBI because he killed a man who raped and murdered his mother.In his escape he meet a musician who has to face the end of his marriage.


Shouting Secrets

A hopeful story of an Apache of the San Carlos reservation who is coming back after several years and who must facing the difference between him and the remaining family.


A good day to die

In 1968 the abused and repressed American -Indians fought back.From the depth of despair,Dennis Banks the co-foundater of the AIM(American Indian Movement)led his people into a confrontation with the government and changed their lifes forever.


The only good Indian

In the early 1900 a young Kickapoo native is kidnapped and integrated in an Indian school to give him the white man culture.After he escapes to return to his family,a Cherokee bounty-hunter is chasing him to bring him back to school.


Frozen River

Ray's husband disappear with the funds she had to finance the purchase of a wide mobil home.While searching for him,she encounters Lila Littlewolf a Mohawk indian.They form a desperate alliance and begin trafficking illegal immigrants from Canada to the United States across the frozen St Lawrence river.


Older than America

A woman's haunting visions reveal a catholic priest's plot to silence her mother from speaking about the atrocities commited on young Native Americans in a boarding school.


Turquoise Rose

Independent drama film co-written and directed by Holt Hamilton that takes place on the Navajo reservation,filmed in Fort Defiance and Phoenix Arizona.


Miss Navajo

Independent documentary film from Bill Luther.It tells the story of a 21 year old Navajo girl,Crystal Frazier,who decides to compete in a beauty pageant for the title of Miss Navaj 2005-2006


Mile post 398

Cloyd Begay from the Navajo nation,has been a victim of alcohol abuse and domestic violence in his youth.As he's willing to take resposability as a father and a husband,his two buddies continue their lifestyle in drinking and partying,preventing him to change.His wife Lorraine and his son Michael begin to lose hope and seriously consider leaving him.Cloyd is making a choice that will change his life forever.


Four sheets to the wind

Cufe a  young Seminole travels through Oklahoma to visit Miri his sister who lives in Tulsa after the suicide and the funeral of their father.While Miri struggles with her life in town,Cufe meet Miri's neighbour Francie.


Standing Silent Nation

Documentary film about Alex White Plume from the Pine Ridge reservation.Alex and his family planted industrial hemp but every year the DEA claims that hemp is marijuana and the film details the consequences of his action.


The Canary effect

Documentary that looks into the effects of that the United States and its policies have on the indegenous people(Native American).Premiered at the Tribeca film festival and won the Stanley Kubrick award in 2006


The new world

In April 1607, three British ships docked on the coast of the American continent. They came to establish "Jamestown", an economic, religious and cultural outpost. Captain Newport and his settlers landed in the heart of an Indian empire led by the chief Powhatan.John Smith, an army officer is in irons for insubordation. Destabilized, the English prefer to fight rather than adapt. In seeking help from the Indians, John Smith discovers a fascinating and voluntary woman Which is called Pocahontas.


Buffalo Dreams

Josh Townsend moves to follow his father and becomes involved with a group of teens attempting to preserve the buffalo and the Navajo nation.He makes friends along the way and learns lessons about life and traditions.


Black Cloud

Black Cloud a young Navajo indian,prepares himself in boxing to take part at the olympic games.When Eddie returns to town to rekindle his relationship with Black Cloud's girlfriend,he runs into trouble with Black Cloud and the sheriff of the town.



During world war II,Joe Enders get a new assignement that is protect Navajo code talkers Ben Yahzee and Charlie Whitehorse.The Navajo code is as it was known,a code even native speakers would be confused by it.The Navajos must endure racial harrasment by the white soldiers.Yahzee and Whitehorse are trained to send and receive messages that direct artillery fire.



John Leaphorn is a cop who returns to the Navajo Reservation to his wife who just recovered from a cancer.Soon he is confronted to a mysterious killer who is murdering Medecine men.He works with a partner,Jim Chee,from the FBI who is training to be a Navajo Healer.They find out that the murderer could be a "Skinwalker" a Navajo witch with the power to shape shift.


In the light of Reverence

A story of three Native American nations who struggle to protect their land.The Lakota of the Great Plains,the Hopi of Arizona and the Wintu of Northern California.


Grey Owl

Archie "Grey Owl" is a half-native and half-Scottish who writes in magazines in the 30'.Pony a young Iroquois Native,sensitive about the protection of animals, makes Archie become aware of the fragility and danger of the Beaver's extinction.He stops hunting and becomes the guardian of Lake Ajawaan reservation.But he keeps another secret.


Smoke Signals

The 4th of july,Arnold Joseph sits in his truck and vanished forever,leaving his family behind.Ten years later Arlene and Victor knows that he died from a heart attack in a trailer in Phoenix Arizona.Thomas an old school friend of Victor wants to finance the trip to get Victor's father ashes,but he wants to take part of the journey.


Dead Man

At the end of the 19th century,Bill Blake an accountant,is on the road for the american west.His initiatory journey makes him become a hunted outlaw.Wounded,a banished literate native american saves him and identify him to the late poet,William Blake,and decides to save his soul.


Last of the Dogmen

Bounty hunter Lewis Gates tracks three dangerous escaped men into Montana's mountains.Gates sees the convicts but hears shots.Investigating the scene,Gates find an old-fashioned Indian arrow.He takes the arrow to archeologist Lillian Sloan who identifies it as an arrow used by Cheyenne Dog Soldiers and they are convinced that a band of Cheyenne who escaped the 1864 Sand Creek massacre have survived for 128 years.


500 Nations

An eight-part documentary about the Native americans from pre columbian to the end of the 19th century,story of the Mayas to the Cheyennes,from the Inuits to the Nez Perces,narrated by Kevin Costner and actor's like Wes Studi,Graham Greene,Red Crow Westerman or Michael Horse.


Tecumseh the last warrior

After the rape of his sisters and the murder of his brothers,Tecumseh a Shawnee indian will go on the warpath for revenge,but before he has to gather his people to go further


Sioux City

Jesse a Native American is adopted by a rich californian family and becomes a doctor.The day of his 30th anniversary,he receives a letter from his mother with an amulet,that tells him to join her.When he arrives to Sioux City he learns that she died in a fire.He leads his own investigation.


Dance me outside

Silas Crow and his friend Frank Fencepost are living in Canada in a reservation north of Ontario.A life made of parties,alcohol and fighting.Everything changes the day that Little Margaret,a friend,is found raped and murdered by a racist white man who is put in jail for two years.Silas,Frank and their community prepare for revenge.



Geronimo and his people the Chiricahuas Apache live in bad conditions on the Turkey Creek reservation.In despite of all the promises the white men did,they are always stalked by the soldiers.Geronimo and his 35 last warriors go on the warpath to fight in the name of freedom.


The Last of the Mohicans

In 1757 during the french and indian war,in the Adirondack Mountains,british major Duncan Hetward has the assignement to escort two sisters,Cora and Alice Munro to their father.They fall in an ambush and saved by Chingachkook and his sons.The major,the Mohicans and Hawkeye agree to accompany them the rest of the way.


1492 Christophe Colomb

The navigator Christophe Colomb wants to reach India by the sea and by taking the west road.After an exhausting trip,the sailers see a land from the boat,thinking they reached what they searched,but the surprise is huge when they finally disembark.



Raymond Levoi,a Native american FBI agent,is sent to the Badlands in South Dakota to investigate on a murder of a Oglala Sioux.He met an Indian activist woman and an old medicine man who taught him the sense of value and the forgotten traditions.



A lawyer loses an appeal to stop a logging company to clear cutting Native american land.Arthur,an indian militant kidnapp two managers into the forest.


Dance with Wolves

In 1863,First Lieutenant John Dunbar is transferred to Fort Hays.Sioux who are living not far from the outpost,discover him and Dunbar decides to seek out the camp and attempt dialogue.At the beginning the relation between him and the Sioux is not easy,but after a while he developes a growing respect and appreciation for their lifestyle and culture and also forges a romantic relationship with Stands with a Fist a white indian woman.


War Party

The hundred-year anniversary party of the battle of Milk Creek between the US cavalry and the Blackfeet Indians takes place somewhere in Montana.Unfortunately racials hostilities and a real gun leads tot he death of a white man by a young Blackfoot.Three Indians are chased by a group of men who have only one purpose,revenge.


Pow Wow Highway

Buddy Red Bow is fighting against corrupted industrials and politicians,who wants to move his people,the Cheyenne of Montana.When his sister is arrested in Santa Fe New Mexico,for drug smuggling,he decides to help her with the company of Philbert Bono in an old Buick Wildcat.


Broken Rainbow

Broken Rainbow is a documentary produced by Maria Florio and Victoria Mudd about the history of the Navajo nation relocated to aid mining speculation in a process that began in 1964.


Fish Hawk

A young boy befriends with a Native American who becomes alcoholic after the death of his wife and children from small pox.


A man called Horse

During a hunting,Lord John Morgan is captured by a Sioux band.After a while he understands their way of life and is been considered by the Indians.


Jeremiah Johnson

Fleeing civilization,jeremiah johnson took refuge in the mountains of colorado.Intracting good relations with the indians,he adopt a child of slaughtered pioneers,binds with a trapper and married Swann the daughter of an indian chief.In a cabin,he leads with his family a serene life until the day he decides to drive riders into the sacred land of the crows.


Little Big Man

An old Man Jack Crabb tells his story to a reporter at the age of 121 years old.His the last survivor of the battle of Little Big Horn.Adopted by a Cheyenne family,they call him Little Big Man because of his bravery and his small size.The Cheyenne band is slaughtered by the white men and a priest and his wife take him home.But the young man is shared between his Indians origin and his new people.


Soldier Blue

On november the 29th of 1864 a squad of 900 men of the Colorado cavalry killed 700 Cheyenne,most of them were Chidren and women in a quiet native american village in Sand Creek.More than 100 scalps are taken and women are raped and a lot of bodies are dismembered.It certainly was the most ignoble crime in the american story.


Cheyenne Autumn

A tribe of Cheyenne tired of living on a reservation decide to head their ancestral land in Dakota.A white woman accompanies them to teach the children.But captain Archer and his troups is tasked to bring them back to the reservation.



In 1875,Durango is a spanish town where a lot of tourists meet.Margarita get there with her parents.A band of Comanche leaded by Quanah Parker destroy the town and kidnapped Margarita and other women to share them.To avoid the reprisals,they cross the border to get to the american territory.


The Indian Fighter

After the civil war in Oregon,Johnny Hawks meets his old friend Red Cloud to ask him to go through his territory with settlers.But the indians are suspicious since the white men found gold on their land.


Sitting Bull

In 1876 In the Black Hills the Sioux see the settlers pass on their territory to seek for gold in despite of the treaty that says they have to take the north or south road.The big ennemy of the Natives,General Custer escalate the relations that will lead to the Little Big Horn Battle.


Taza son of Cochise

At the death of Cochise,his two sons argue about the leadership of the nation and for a beautiful native american girl.Taza wants to be in peace with the white men and Naiche the youngest wants to return to the war trail.


Apache Drums

In 1880 the mescalero Apache are on the war path near the Mexican border and not far from the town of Spanish Boot.Joe Madden,the maire of this town banish Sam leeds because he shot a gambler,in self defense,accused to cheat,at the same time he banish all the prostitute,but Sam Leeds find them not far from town,slaughtered by the indians.He returned to Spanish Boot to warn the people.


Broken Arrow

1870 during the war between the white man and the Apache,Tom Jeffords on the road to Tucson heals a young Apache boy wounded by the cavalry.In Tucson,Colonel Bernal wants him as a scout against the Apache of Cochise tribe.He'd rather go alone to meet Cochise to speak about peace and fall in love with an Apache girl named sonseeahray.

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08/07/2020 07:43:16

The Ride un documentaire exceptionnel de STÉPHANIE GILLARD Sortie le 7 février 2018 : Chaque hiver, une troupe de cavaliers Sioux traverse les grandes plaines du Dakota pour commémorer le massacre de leurs ancêtres à Wounded Knee. Sur ces terres qui ne leurs appartiennent plus, les aînés tentent de transmettre aux plus jeunes leur culture, ou ce qu’il en reste. Un voyage dans le temps pour reconstruire une identité perdue qui confronte l’Amérique à sa propre histoire.


08/04/2020 23:50:20

Incident à Oglala (Incident at Oglala) 1992 - États-Unis - Documentaire - 1h26 En 1992, est sorti le documentaire « Incident à Oglala », du réalisateur Michael Apted. Ce documentaire, ayant pour narrateur Robert Redford, traite de l’affaire du prisonnier politique amérindien Leonard Peltier, de la fusillade entre le FBI et l’American Indian Movement sur la propriété des Jumping Bull à Oglala le 26 juin 1975 et le règne de terreur sur la réserve sioux-lakota de Pine Ridge dans les années 1970. Un film avec de nombreux témoignages, notamment de Leonard Peltier, John Trudell, Bob Robideau, Dino Butler et de nombreux survivants de la fusillade à Oglala. Un document historique indispensable ! ou l'on aperçoit Russell Means qui incarnait Chingachgook dans le dernier des Mohicans de Michael Mann.


02/21/2017 00:04:19

Merci pour cette liste car cela faisait longtemps que je cherchais des fims sur les indiens qu'on ne trouve pas forcément.

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